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Tow Truck Wheel Lift in Vaughan

If you have been holding a driver’s license for more than a year now most chances are you have had the doubtful pleasure of requiring towing services at one point or another. Cars are susceptible to all sorts of trouble and malfunctions which always come at the least convenient time. Whenever your car is rendered useless due to an accident, a breakdown, a malfunction, or any other reason, towing services become more relevant than ever. But now a few questions suddenly appear. Which towing company should I use? Which towing method should I request? Why is there not a simple solution? Quite frankly, there actually is a simple solution that will require very little of you. When your car suddenly ceases to cooperate simply contact a reliable, licensed, and professional service provider to deliver professional wheel lift towing services.

Wheel lift tow truck – how does it work?

Wheel lift tow truck is actually one of the most basic yet efficient towing methods. We are basically talking about a tow truck which attaches itself to the front of the towed car. Before starting the ride, the tow truck lifts the two front wheels of the towed vehicle and its entire front part off the ground. It then starts going, towing the towed vehicle along with it while its two rear wheels remain on the ground. When executed by a reliable, licensed, and experienced service provider, like Vaughan Towing, we are talking about a pretty effective towing method.

Wheel lift tow truck – pros and cons

Since there are quite a few towing methods to choose from, one should be aware of each method’s advantages and disadvantages. Wheel lift towing has strong points as well as shortcomings, here are the major ones:


  • A relatively easy and quick towing method
  • Does not require elaborate equipment and exceptional expertise
  • Offered by any towing company which makes it very accessible


  • Variety of towed vehicles: does not suit all vehicles (e.g., motorcycles, especially low vehicles, etc.)
  • The towed vehicle remains in contact with the road during the ride, which subjects it to potential damage due to pit holes, gravel, and lesser road conditions

To sum things up: wheel lift towing is one of the most commonly used towing methods, and for good reason. It is easy, it is efficient, and it is accessible.

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