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The Three Must-Haves for Motorcycle Towing in Vaughan

Motorcycles are an interesting breed because they offer some of the best conveniences and the worst downsides. While they are incredibly convenient, easy to navigate around tight corners, useful in traffic, and easy to just hop onto and go, they’re also small, exposed, and leave the driver particularly vulnerable to danger in the event of an accident. While you’d think that motorcycles area easier to tow because they’re smaller than cars, they’re actually more difficult to tow safely. This is because people do not realize that when not secured carefully in place, motorcycles can slide around and get scratched or banged up. But with three must-haves for Vaughan motorcycle towing, the job becomes safe and easy in the hands of a professional Vaughan Towing technician.

1) Flatbed Cargo Bed

The first must-have to towing a motorcycle is a flatbed cargo bed. Without something for the motorcycle to sit on, it’s going to slide around. A flatbed is a place where it can be secured and protected during transportation. If a motorcycle were somehow hooked up to a tow dolly, it’d be more vulnerable to damage from the road and other drivers.

2) Wheel Cradle

The second must-have to motorcycle towing is a wheel cradle. The wheel cradle is secured on the cargo bed and provides a nice little setup for the bike to sit on. Without a wheel cradle, the flatbed is just another place for the two-wheeled motorcycle to slide around on. The wheel cradle provides a place to set the bike into so that the wheels are immobilized and the bike can’t roll around.

3) Securing Straps or Railing

Finally, for safe motorcycle towing, you must have securing straps or a motorcycle rail. Without these, the bike may not stay safely in the wheel cradle on the cargo bed. But when these are employed, the bike is secured to the cradle and flatbed and will not go anywhere during transit.

Professional Motorcycle Towing with Vaughan Towing

Professional motorcycle towing is second nature to us at Vaughan Towing. Our tow trucks are equipped with all the necessary tools for professional towing, including flatbed, wheel cradle, and securing straps or motorcycle railing. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to do the task safely and efficiently. At Vaughan Towing, you’ll get professional towing, 30 minute response times, 24/7 service, and honest pricing. Choose a smart towing service – Vaughan Towing – to get the best service for your motorcycle.

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!